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To comply with U.S. regulations, the Exarpy interface has been fully decommissioned.

When you created a Ripple wallet with the Exarpy interface, you chose a 16-digit (0–255) PIN, and were provided with a Ripple wallet address (r***…***), and Ripple wallet secret key (s***…***). Exarpy used the official Ripple-lib (Ed25519), provided by Ripple, Inc. to convert the 16-digit PIN to a Ripple wallet address and secret key, offline.

Your Ripple wallet (and XRP) lives on the XRP Ledger; your Ripple wallet’s address and secret key are required to manage your Ripple wallet (and its XRP) on the XRP Ledger. …


Was an incredibly fast, reliable, secure, access-anywhere-you-go Ripple warm-wallet.

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