Exarpy Decommissioned

1 min readDec 3, 2020


To comply with U.S. regulations, the Exarpy interface has been fully decommissioned.

When you created a Ripple wallet with the Exarpy interface, you chose a 16-digit (0–255) PIN, and were provided with a Ripple wallet address (r***…***), and Ripple wallet secret key (s***…***). Exarpy used the official Ripple-lib (Ed25519), provided by Ripple, Inc. to convert the 16-digit PIN to a Ripple wallet address and secret key, offline.

Your Ripple wallet (and XRP) lives on the XRP Ledger; your Ripple wallet’s address and secret key are required to manage your Ripple wallet (and its XRP) on the XRP Ledger. Exarpy does not have, nor has ever had access to, your Ripple wallet’s secret key.

Please research carefully before choosing and importing your credentials into a different Ripple wallet manager, as anyone can irreversibly remove all funds from a Ripple wallet using the Ripple wallet’s address and secret key.

Exarpy Support Team